Welcome to the ASPiH website, designed to keep our simulation community up to date with the latest news and developments.

During these challenging times, we are aware that great work undertaken by the simulation technician community has assisted or helped lead alternative ways to support delivery of simulation-based education and training in many different settings.

We are seeing adaptation and innovation everywhere, but we need to identify and understand what works best, what has failed, and what has been learned over this period.

So, the plan is to work together; sharing learning, celebrating achievements and capturing the detail, so that cohesion and consistency can be delivered for the benefit of both faculty members and learners alike.

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Technical Workforce Section

Science Council Awards

Congratulations to our latest members to achieve:

  • Andrew O'Neil (RSci TECH)
  • Anaya Abdul (RSci TECH)
  • Michaella Wiltshire (RSci)

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ASPiH Conference 2022

All things being equitable 

Diversity, inclusivity and simulation 

6th - 8th November 2022

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