What is iRIS?

iRIS is a unique, collaborative, web-based platform to help you design high quality scenarios/cases that offer the best learning experience possible, as well as helping you get the best value from the investments you have made in simulation resources.

Whether you are building simulation using task trainers, high fidelity manikins, or standardized patients, iRIS will support you in developing the highest quality scenario/case.

iRIS provides a web-based, standardised development template with single-click access to all resources required to deliver scenarios/cases.

Exciting news from the iRIS team!

What if you could access hundreds of shared scenarios in return for sharing some of yours with a simulation community, and export them to both CAE and Laerdal manikins? With iRIS you can!

Access the Case Study developed by members of the ASPiH Paediatrics Special Interest Group (SIG): iRIS was put through its paces by the ASPiH Paediatrics SIG to develop a Paediatric 6-Year-Old Sepsis Management scenario / case. This resource is available to all on the ASPiH website.

iRIS is one the benefits made available to ASPiH Institutional (5 named members per institution) Individual and student members.

To access iRIS through your ASPiH membership, please contact membership@aspih.org.uk

To give you a taste of iRIS you can watch a brief introductory video on our Vimeo channel or download the iRIS collaboration flyer.

Follow iRIS on Twitter @iRISHealthSim

For non-members, the iRIS licensing model is very flexible letting you allocate licenses to users outside of your organisation for collaboration, and letting you assign licenses to users for short periods of time and then reuse them.

For further information – www.irissimulationauthoring.com