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ASPiH Research Grant Awards 2024


ASPiH are inviting members to apply for research and service improvement awards. These awards will enable the undertaking of a simulation research or improvement based activity that will further an area of knowledge that is of priority in healthcare simulation. Funding can be used in various ways such as to create or strengthen research collaborations, attend research specific training, buy specific research related software, transcriptions costs, hire support and expertise, or spend time in a research/improvement intensive environment.

Three awards are available:

2 x £1500 grant

1 x £2000 grant


Applications for the grant are open and will close 31st June 2024. Winners will be announced mid-July 2024.​

Please complete the form here.

Information required include your details, a project description, dates and schedules for the project, financial costs breakdown, and an application declaration.

The ASPiH EC will appoint a panel to review applications. Those awarded will be announced at the annual Gala dinner during the conference, although funds will be available from mid-July 2024. Funds can be claimed within the year after the award has been granted and must be spent before 5th April 2025.

Members will be encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration for our annual national conference, and submit a paper for consideration for publication.

ASPiH require full acknowledgment of their role in this work in any publication or conference presentations.


Applicants must be current paid-up members of ASPiH and remain so for the period the grant is awarded.​ ASPiH executive committee members are not permitted to apply.

Our priorities

Our priorities for these research grant awards are:


Education Covers all aspects of simulation based-education involved in the design, implementation, and facilitation of experiential learning through simulation. Includes, but is not limited to: needs assessment, curriculum/program/course/scenario development, concepts/terminology, evaluation, briefing, debriefing/feedback, faculty development, co-production, simulated people/patients, technical skills, communication/teamwork skills, IPE, human factors, psychological safety, EDI, and cultural diversity.
Transformation Covers all aspects of simulation that aims to transform health and care through collective understanding, insight and learning. Includes but is not limited to: quality improvement initiatives, system-based interventions, innovations, identifications (e.g latent safety threats), involving stakeholders to transform, influencing change, and including patients and publics to understand and inform. Please see for more information.
Technovation Covers all aspects of using technical innovation to enhance simulation-based activities. Includes but is not limited to: technological developments, moulage, maintenance and sustainability, virtual and mixed reality environments, gamification, A/V, remote simulation, telehealth, and social media.

Selection of projects

On receipt of a completed application, the proposed project will be scrutinised by a panel of ASPiH executive members and external advisors, where appropriate. The selection panel may seek further information and clarification from the applicant before deciding whether the proposal meets the Fund’s eligibility criteria, sufficiently addresses our priorities, and its methods are adequate to meet the aims of the proposal. ASPiH reserves the right to refuse funding. The panel’s decision is final and there will be no right to appeal.

Terms and Conditions

Award funds are available until 5th April 2025. Successful applicants will be required to provide two reports (mid-way and end of project) that state how the funds are being/were used and what benefit resulted.​ The report will be scrutinised by the ASPiH Executive Committee and must include a lay summary. This lay summary may be used in publicity material. It should explain the problem being addressed, the aims of the proposal, what the funds were used for, the benefit that should be expected and the progress made. The lay summary should be no more than one side of A4. A final report, including a lay summary, is required at the end of the grant period.

Grant holders must inform ASPiH of the date that work commences and of any interruptions to the project.

ASPiH should be provided with details of all individuals being supported under its grant and notified of any change in personnel. ASPiH reserves the right to review the grant in the event of such a change.

Only one round of awards per annum will be reviewed. If any/all grants are not awarded no further rounds will be conducted.

Ethical Approval

Evidence of Ethical Committee approval will be required, if appropriate, before the grant can be awarded.

Intellectual Property

ASPiH should be informed of any possible commercial exploitation of the results of the research/project supported. Acceptance of the grant gives ASPiH the right to receive a share of any commercial returns commensurate with the financial or other assistance given.

If, at any time, it is considered that the work may produce or contribute to material worthy of patent, copyright or any other form of protection, grant holders must advise the body responsible for the exploitation of intellectual property in their organisation and ensure that no publication of results occurs before an application for patent protection has been made.

Acknowledgements and Publicity

ASPiH is dependent on voluntary support from its members and the public and needs to keep them informed on the progress of the research. Grant holders are asked to help with appropriate publicity and to inform ASPiH in advance of any publication arising from the research/projects it supports in order that ASPiH may consider the publicity potential.

ASPiH’s support should be acknowledged in all publications and spoken presentations and, when possible, in talks and interviews.

The Principal Grant Applicant should complete and sign the declaration confirming their agreement to the above Terms and Conditions of the Grant (as supplied) and return the form with their completed application. Details of this will be provided when the awards are launched on the 1st May 2024.

Further information

Please contact us at if you require any further information or would like to discuss a potential project proposal.